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Cover for Shaking up the brain
Isbn: 978-95-2318-145-8
Publisher: Books on Demand
Accessible since: June 2015


Shaking up the brain

Your brain is constantly changing. The connections between neurons change, cells become active or inactive, and they regenerate, die, are born, and generate new networks of connections. Your brain is in constant motion. This is why what you are, what you feel, and what you do are also constantly changing: your world is an experience produced by your brain.

The question is whether you wish to influence the direction into which and the speed at which your brain – and your world – are changing.

If you wish, you can use this guidebook to study the basics of how to develop your brain using skills. However, the key objective of this guidebook is to motivate and assist you in engaging in high-quality concentrated repetition that will gradually change your brain.

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